South East Queensland

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Pam has had a camera in her hand since early teenage years, mainly photographing wildlife, flowers and landscapes. She always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to capture all of those special events and precious memories. Over the years, photography has become her absolute passion.

What Pam loves most about photography is that images are a direct link to our past and soon become family treasures that we can hand down through the generations.

Pam appreciates that most of us have phones with cameras we can use to take quick snapshots, but her aim is to create something truly unique and beautiful to remember those special moments in time.

Don’t worry if you dread having your photo taken, Pam is a natural at creating a space for your personality to shine to capture those moments in time.

Pam is located at Shop 6 – Old Flour Mill, 227-229 Brisbane Street, Ipswich. Call to book today! You will not be disappointed.