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Why rent with Mr Rental? Why renting makes sense and why choosing Mr Rental makes even more. For starters we offer free installation*, free delivery>, repair & replaceā€  and fast approval. But there are many more reasons.... MrFixed Rental Plan | Mr Rental Australia

If you know exactly what you want and for how long, then this is the plan for you. MrFixed has a set start and end date, with the same regular payments for easier budgeting. This option includes repair if it breaks down so you only have to make one call to us and we will take care of the rest.

MrFlex Rental Plan | Mr Rental Australia
Unsure of how long you'll need your Mr Rental item for? Then MrFlex is perfect, with no big up front payments and an open-ended contract that you can change, or upgrade, any time you like.

MrShort Rental Plan | Mr Rental Australia
You need an item pronto as a stopgap measure? Well, MrShort lets you rent an item for anything from one day to four months - crisis averted.

MrCorp Rental Plan | Mr Rental Australia
This is the rental option if you're looking for short, or long-term leasing solutions for your business and may even be tax deductable.