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Gator Trac Grabbers Featured

Gator Trac Grabbers are here to help you get out of that boggy situation.

Have you ever found yourself bogged and requiring a team to pull you out? Gator Trac Grabbers are compact and it only takes 1 person to apply and remove. They are perfect to use in mud, sand or snow and so compact you can store them under the seat for easy access.

If you are into 4WDing our trac grabbers are an essential part of your standard recovery equipment.

We specialise in affordably priced small, medium and large Trac Grabbers and can quote on customisation when requested. Go to our website and order now.

Perfect for any 4WDer, out on the farm, mining and emergency services vehicles.

Don't get stuck, get out with Gator Trac Grabbers